Patient Stories

  • To the Grantsbrook Staff -

    We appreciate the love, care and kindness shown to our mother while she was residing at your center. You kept her comfortable up to her final day.

  • Thank you for the care that you provided to my wife during her four-year stay at Grantsbrook. I cannot say enough for the kindness and gentle treatment that I witnessed - and experienced - of every staff member with whom I had contact with.

    I never ceased to marvel their ability to maintain a positive attitude and keep a happy face in one of the most challenging environments imaginable. They are amazing folks!

  • Our family wants to express our sincerest thanks for your care and affection towards our mother and grandmother.

    Rick & Beth
  • The staff's support of every member of our family has been remarkable and has allowed us to cope in our own ways. The patience and comfort you have given has sustained us throughout.