Long-Term Care

In addition to our rehabilitative services, we also provide permanent long-term care. Our compassionate care team, comfortable facility and familiar amenities help residents feel at home while receiving the quality health care they need. Semi-private and private rooms are available so that residents can still enjoy their personal space, and a large activity room allows patients to interact with one another and continue to enjoy a vibrant social life.

While Grantsbrook proudly offers a wide range of amenities and home comforts, the most important thing to consider when choosing a long-term care facility is the staff’s interaction with patients. Our staff knows each patient by name and they are familiar with all of their habits. It’s one of the advantages of a smaller facility such as ours: intimate care and deep personal relationships with our staff.

To learn more about our long-term care, to schedule a tour, request information, or to begin the admissions process, contact us today.

The Facility

Grantsbrook has many wonderful characteristics that make it extremely appealing to individuals living in Grantsboro, New Bern, and the surrounding Pamlico County area. We’re a smaller facility, so we are able to get to know each patient and resident and provide more meaningful, intimate care.

Grantsbrook at a Glance

  • 104-Bed Facility
  • On-Site Housekeeping
  • Weekly “Deep Cleaning” for Each Room
  • Semi-Private and Private Rooms Available
  • Regular Nourishment Stations and Resident Store
  • Cable is Available in Every Room
  • Large Staff of Caring, Experienced Professionals
  • Physician On-Site Three Days a Week
  • On-Site Beauty Salon for Hair and Nail Appointments
  • On-site Dental Services
  • Laundry Service is Available
  • Easily Accessible Courtyard

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The Grantsbrook Lifestyle

Our staff prides itself on knowing not just our patients’ names, but their personal habits as well. Not only does this allow our staff to interact at a more meaningful level with each patient, it ensures that we can continue to provide personalized care for each and every resident at our facility.

Understanding the residents goes beyond simply knowing their names, likes and dislikes. It’s about understanding habits, patterns and needs; things like redirecting memory care patients who become lost or confused or scheduling enriching activities that help nourish a patient’s mind and soul and not just their body.

The Comfort of Community

Each aspect of our facility and every-day operation makes the Grantsbrook lifestyle that of a community.

  • Our location in the small town of Grantsboro supports the comforting and restorative family environment of our community.
  • Many of our staff have worked with us for more than five and ten years and always put the patients and families they personally know first.
  • All of our department heads assist in dining according to their specialized training, and they do not eat until each of the patients have eaten.

Grantsbrook’s reassuring atmosphere creates a supportive environment in which patients heal as a community.

  • Patients can choose to reserve their preferred seating in our furnished dining accommodations.
  • Therapy does not happen only in specialized, secluded rooms, but also in patients’ rooms and common areas.
  • Movies, events, and activities often take place in areas such as in the dining room and with our library resources to include residents as a community.

Our décor, themed living areas, and always personal and accessible staff and resources offer Grantsbrook the comforting familiarity of a place you know.

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Maintaining Independence

Providing rehabilitative and long term care does not mean a resident loses their independence. A patient’s regular routine is integrated into their care by staff to help maintain comfort and help them adjust. Residents can also enjoy snacks and drinks whenever they see fit at regularly placed nourishment stations and during the kitchen’s regular hours. Activity rooms are always available with TVs and seating to meet with small groups and families. Mobile patients are able to leave with family members for holidays and events or even to go out shopping.

Residents can even make an impact with the regular day-to-day operations at the facility. A Resident Council is held on the last Thursday of every month, where residents eat and talk about anything they want. They can discuss what they like or don’t like and are able to influence the activities at the facility. The activities department ensures the council is well funded so that patients have an opportunity to influence their lifestyle and can enjoy picking any meal they choose without having to worry about the cost.

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We pride ourselves on being as accommodating as possible for our residents regardless of their mobility. We provide transportation services to and from doctor’s appointment for all of our residents. Wheelchair and stretcher transports are available for doctor’s appointments as well as planned activity outings. Non-emergency transports are provided by as necessary to keep provider appointments. Emergency transports are provided by local Emergency Medical Services.

To learn more about our long-term care, schedule a tour, request additional information, or to begin the admissions process, contact us today.

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